Drum Major/Leadership Resources

Thursday and Friday’s Assignment:

For Thursday, take the self-assessment by clicking here BEFORE our 1pm meeting.

Click Here for Peer Assessment

Use the outline to remember what to do during the peer assessment. Please complete your peer assessment today!

For Friday, send me a 10 minute video demonstrating all the skills on the conducting rubric below. OR, email me a time between 1 and 3pm to Zoom so we can record you 1 on 1. I will post a sample video tonight. (10pm-ish?)

Tuesday and Wednesday’s Assignments

Drum Major and Section Leader Candidates:

Please take the pre-test so that we can set a baseline of where you are coming into the training. After taking the pre test, watch and participate with the video from Bobby Lambert, Director of Bands at Wnado HS in South Carolina on behalf of Music For All and Bands of America. After you watch the video, take the Formative Test. Please do this by Tuesday Night at Midnight. We will get together via Zoom to discuss the video and the test results on Wednesday.

Conducting 101 Pre Test – TAKE THIS FIRST

Conducting 101 – Formative Test – Take this after watching the video

Conducting 101 – Final Test – Take this AFTER the the Zoom meeting with Mr. Payne