Rainbow Bingo Hall on Rockwell Road in Winchester, KY.

Doors open at 12:30pm on Sunday.

License #ORG0000548

Healthy at Work Guidelines for Bingo

  • There will be only one entrance to the bingo hall
    • The main entrance under the canopy
  • Before entering the building, players and volunteers MUST have your temperature taken/recorded and sign a waiver
  • An ADULT volunteer will need to assist with the handing out of waivers and taking temperatures. Please arrive BEFORE 12pm.
  • Wrist bracelets will be given to everyone who has had their temperature taken
    • This will also allow us to track player capacity of 50% (186 players)
  • ALL volunteers are required to wear a mask and gloves during the entire session
    • Exception is when the volunteer is on break
    • Breaks will be taken in the bingo storage area
    • CCBB will no longer pay for volunteer concessions. Please plan accordingly by bringing cash/snacks/drinks from home.
    • Your team may bring food/snacks but they must be individually wrapped. If you bring a large dish of chili for example, ONLY ONE person may serve to the volunteers. (limited contact)
  • Players MUST wear masks in common areas such as the sales windows, the concession stand, and the restrooms.
    • only 6 people in the restroom at one time to promote proper social distancing

Bingo Changes

  • ALL organizations’ packs are now $20
  • A pack consists of the following:
    • Main Game Pack
    • 1 Speedball sheet
    • 2 Bonanza/Oddball tickets
  • No more birthday packs
  • No more pickle jar
  • All $100 payouts have been increased to $125
  • Speedball payout remains $150
  • Rollover payouts remain the same and are still based on the number of players in the hall
  • Bonus Play-on will replace the pickle jar after the Coverall.
    • The next valid bingo AFTER the Coverall will win the bonus money or split it with other players if multiple valid winners rounded up to the next $1.00
      • Bonus amounts are as follows:
        • Column 1: $200
        • Column 2: $250
        • Column 3: $300
  • Special prices will remain the same:
    • Letter X: $2.00
    • Coverall: $2.00
    • Speedball: $1.00
    • Bonanza: 2 for $1.00

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