2020-21 Leadership

2020 Section Leaders
Woodwind Captain: Judge Pullin
Flute Section Leader: Haleigh Riddell
Clarinet Section Leader: Kylee Stinnett
Alto Saxophone Section Leader: Judge Pullin
Low Reed Section Leader: Tauren Oldham
High Brass Captains: Brendan Jackson and Dylan Sturgill
Trumpet Section Leader: Kyle Lemaster and Nathan Marmo
Mellophone Section Leader: Gideon Wilson
Low Brass Captain: Ben Lambert
Trombone Section Leader: Eddie Sosa
Tuba Section Leader: Seth Johnson
Pit Section Leader: Kameron Wheeler
Bass Drum Section Leader: Billy Morris
Flat Line Section Leader: Blair Raney
Colorguard Section Leader: Elizabeth Vanover

2020 Leadership Team Students
Kaylie Allman, Trinity Fogleman, Haleigh Riddell, Kylee Stinnet, Judge Pullin, Lainie Mitchell, Tauren Oldham, Shelby Miller, Elijah McDonald, Nathan Marmo, Kyle Lemaster, Grant Johnson, Brendan Jackson, Dylan Sturgill, Gideon Wilson, Eric Carbajal, Eddie Sosa, Ashleigh Sparks, Gavin Muncie, Ben Lambert, Seth Johnson, Kameron Wheeler, Katherine Walls, Ebony Ray, Xavier Snyder, Blair Raney, Billy Morris, Elizabeth Vanover, Maya McCoy, and Olivia Brooks

Football Friday – August 18

This Friday marks the first public performance of the GRC Marching Band, as well as the debut regular season game for our new coach, Dr. Oliver Lucas.

Students will wear their gray t-shirt, khaki shorts, and their black band shoes and long black socks. Hats, sunglasses, makeup, and jewelry may not be worn while in uniform. Band shoes will be delivered this week.

4pm – Band Reports to band room, eat dinner

4:30 – Bus to Campbell, Unload (Drivers will be permitted to transport themselves, but not other students. No exceptions)

5pm – Rehearsal Begins at Stadium

6pm – Rehearsal Ends, Clear the field (Stadium stands preset in bleachers)

6:45 – Horn Arc, prepare for anthem

7:17 – National Anthem

7:30 – Kickoff

8:30ish – Halftime Performance, after Clark Regional Presentation

After performance, load truck. Dismissal after the game, around 9:30/10pm.