The Beautiful Mind – GRC 2015


Everything we do, every thought we’ve ever had, is produced by the human brain. But exactly how it operates remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries, and it seems the more we probe its secrets, the more surprises we find.      –Neil deGrasse Tyson

The staff is proud to present to you this year’s marching band show theme. Inspired by the ground breaking research of scientists during the last 50 years, The Beautiful Mind will explore the hemispheres of the brain. Utilizing a “contemporary” approach to marching band design, the show will inspire students and audiences alike to appreciate what makes us unique.

The music for this year’s show comes from “the beautiful mind” of composer Andrew Markworth, who has worked closely with the staff to create an excellent score of original music composed for our band. The Right Brain theme, our second movement, will feature the song Sintra, written by Grammy Award Winning band Snarky Puppy, arranged by Markworth for our show.

Visual and drill design will again be written by Aaron Cunningham, who was promoted to head director at Tates Creek HS this summer.

Our first preview performance of the season will be at the GRC/Anderson County football game on August 28th. Other performances will include:

  • Bourbon County Contest (KMEA) on September 12th
  • Football games on September 18th and 25th
  • MidStates Contest at Ballard HS in Louisville on September 26th
  • MidStates Contest at Simon Kenton HS on October 3rd
  • KMEA Local Show (TBA) on October 17th
  • KMEA 5A Quarterfinals at Tates Creek on October 24th
  • KMEA Championships on Halloween in Bowling Green (overnight).

The band will end the season by traveling to the MidStates Band Association Championships in Cincinnati on November 7th.


500 Parade

Congratulations GRC Band on an awesome performance at the IPL 500 Festival Parade in Indianapolis. The crowd was estimated to be around 300,000, making this the largest performance of the year by far. Thanks to all parents, staff, and students who traveled and took part – it was a team effort and could not have been done without YOU!

Anyone with photos should send them to Ashley Steele via email – We’ll get them included in the band banquet photo gallery.

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