Marching Band

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

The GRC Marching Band has a proud tradition as one of the most outstanding marching units in the country. Membership is open to any student enrolled in a GRC/RDC band class. Recently, The GRC Marching Band has performed in KMEA Class 5A, Bands of America Regional Championships, Midstates Band Association Contests, and local parades. In 2019, the GRC Marching Band placed 7th in the KMEA State Semifinals and was the Class A Champion at the MTSU Contest of Champions. In 2020 the GRC Marching Band won Grand Champion at the Commonwealth Pageantry Circuit Championships via virtual submission.

Note: All marching band members, receive a .5 Arts and Humanities Credit for each fall competition season, in addition to credits earned as a member of the concert bands.

2020Let There Be…A.J. Cook
2019EdgeMichael Payne
2018From Now OnMichael Payne
2017ConnectionsMichael Payne
2016CheckmateMichael Payne
2015The Beautiful MindMichael Payne
2014Rising UpMichael Payne
2013The FactoryMichael Payne
2012In PursuitChris Yoo
2011TrilogyChris Yoo
2010ThunderstruckChris Yoo
2009OSteve Crosby
2008In Search OfRandy Webb
 2007SpartacusRandy Webb
 2006EmpireTodd Moody
 2005CelebrationTodd Moody
 2004Out of the BlueTodd Moody
 2003RhytualTodd Moody
 2002Dusk to DawnTodd Moody
 2001Grand Central StationEddie Prichard
 2000A Classical FantasiaEddie Prichard
 1999Liturgical ReflectionsEddie Prichard
 1998Star TrekEddie Prichard
 1997Music of French ComposersEddie Prichard
 1996Dance of the TumblersEddie Prichard
 1995The BeatlesJoel Vincent
 1994West Side StoryJeff Hood
 1993Pat Metheny: Still Life TalkingJeff Hood
 1992Blood Sweat and TearsJeff Hood
 1991Concerto for GuitarJeff Hood
 1990The BeatlesJeff Hood
 1989GloriaJeff Hood
 1988The Music of BroadwayJeff Hood
 1987The NutcrackerJeff Hood
 1986A Dance on the LawnJeff Hood
 1985Shostakovich/CandideJeff Hood
 1984Giannini/Niner TwoJeff Hood
 1983Tom Chaffin
 1982Tom Chaffin
 1981Tom Chaffin
 1980Lou Graham
 1979Lou Graham
 1978Lou Graham
 1977Chuck Campbell
 1976Chuck Campbell
 1975Chuck Campbell
 1974Chuck Campbell
 1973Chuck Campbell
 1972Chuck Campbell
 1971Chuck Campbell
 1970Chuck Campbell
 1969Chuck Campbell

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