The George Rogers Clark Percussion Section provides the heartbeat to many of the school’s music organizations. The percussion section is directed by Jeremy Wade and meets as a class during 2nd period.

Our percussionists perform as part of:

  • Symphonic Band
  • Concert Band
  • Orchestra
  • Marching Band/Drumline
  • Musical/Pit Orchestra
  • other groups, as necessary

All percussion students are expected to provide their own sticks and mallets. Prices quotedare from

Freshman, New Members/8th Graders:

Innovative Percussion Fundamental Pack $70.95

This Pack Includes:

  • F2 Hard Yarn Marimba Mallets
  • F9 Xylophone Mallets
  • GT-3 Medium Timpani Mallets
  • IP-LD Snare Sticks
  • Stick Bag


Innovative Percussion College Primer Pack $199.50

This Pack Includes:

  • 2 Pair Marimba Mallets
  • 2 Pair Vibraphone Mallets
  • 2 Pair Xylo/Bell Mallets
  • Timpani Mallets
  • Concert Snare Drum Sticks