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End-Of-Year Procedures – May 2020

Who would have thought the last day of school would be May 5?

Anyway, all students with school-owned instruments need to do one of two things:

  • To keep your instrument over the summer: Email Mr. Schmieg a picture of the instrument and case. The case number must be visible in the picture. If you have no case number (perhaps tubas, percussion, etc), make sure you tell me the serial number or as much info as necessary.
  • Return the instrument to school on the following days from 8am-3pm: Tuesday May 12th, Wednesday May 13th, or Thursday May 14th. This is especially important for students who will be moving on to GRC, moving to a new district, or who are no longer participating in the band program. Students in this category should make sure they have all their concert band music and method books to turn in at this time as well.
  • Students moving on to GRC: if you would like a GRC instrument over the summer, please email Mr. Schmieg to request one. A pick-up date for new instruments will be announced once Mr. Payne is ready to sign them out.

If you need to make an alternative arrangement, email Mr. Schmieg to work out the details. Please make sure all of this is completed by Thursday, May 14th.

We will collect concert band music and books when we return in the fall.

If you have not filled out the 2020 Marching Band Registration Form, please do so now!

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